We raise a herd of both Registered Black Angus and Angus Cross Cows


We sell grass fed beef and Registered Angus seed stock. Look under Liberty Angus tab for a line up of seed stock currently available.

How we raise our Beef

The beef we produce is 100% grass-fed. We use intensive rotational grazing (moving them every 1-3 days) on lush pastures during the spring, summer, and fall months. In the winter we bale graze all our animals. This is not only healthier for them but also improves the soil for the next growing season. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics in our cattle. The beef we sell is bred, born and raised on our farm.

All of the beef is processed at a state inspected facility.

Why should you choose grass fed beef?

It’s Healthy

Grass finished beef is known to be 3 to 4 times higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is an amino acid that is believed to reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and a number of autoimmune disorders. It also has a near ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 fats to Omega 3 comparable to the best wild salmon without the potential for mercury contamination. This compares to ratios as high as 20:1 ratio for corn-fed beef. It is also has high quantities of beta carotene and as much as 4 times more of Vitamins A and D than corn-fed beef.

It has a Richer, Beef Flavor

The flavor of grass-fed beef is commonly describes as more complex and robust or a having a fuller beef flavor. Many of our customers have acquired a taste for grass-fed beef and now prefer it to corn-fed.

Pasture Raised and Fattened

The cattle are raised in open pastures and not finished or fed grain in a feedlot. No growth hormones are added and antibiotics are not fed. We want our cattle well fattened on grass before harvesting. Many of the health benefits of grass fed beef derive from the fat. Important Omega 3 oils, natural beta carotene and CLA are found primarily in the fat of animals fed on 100% grass.


Our grass fed cattle are Angus and Angus crosses. These cattle are well known for their ability to produce tender and flavorful grass finished beef.

Now that you know what you are getting – here is what you are NOT getting!

Weird chemicals like nitrates/ites, monosodium glutamate, pesticides, herbicides, or unnatural ingredients in our meat. Feed lot raised on gmo grains.