How we raise our birds.


Our chicks arrive by mail within 24 hours after hatching. The first food and water they get is in our brooder. We keep them warm and dry on fresh wood shavings for about 3 weeks. They are raised in the brooder until most of their feathers grow in. The feathers will help keep them warm and dry on pasture.

Out to Pasture!

At about 3 weeks of age the chicks are moved into our bottomless pens on pasture. Here they have all the sunshine, fresh air, green grass and bugs they can find. They are fed our own mix of non-medicated feed from locally sourced grains. They are much healthier and happier then a indoor raised chicken.  They stay in this environment until we process them for your table.


We process the birds on farm using low-stress methods. Processing  on farm allowing us to have absolute control over the entire process from day one to bagged for your refrigerator or freezer.

Some highlights of our chickens lives!

  • The birds are moved to fresh grass twice daily, allowing them to eat as much greens and bugs as they want out in the sunshine.
  • During our chickens’ lives and during processing only clean water is used, the birds never drink or touch chlorine, fluoride, or any other toxins.
  • Our birds never receive antibiotics or any drugs.
  • Once the day-old chicks arrive on our farm, they never leave until you pick them up ready to cook. We are in constant control from chick to bagging the meat; this allows us to ensure cleanliness, quality and minimizes the stress level of the birds.


Fresh air, sunshine, clean spring water, wholesome feed, plenty of exercise and fresh green pasture forage produces happier, healthier poultry from the ground up.