Sheep Skins

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Washable tanned sheep skins.

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Washable tanned sheep skins. They are so soft. These are from our sheep on the farm. These are 100% made and tanned in Wisconsin. They can be used as floor rugs, chair cushions to soften hard chairs, motorcycle seats, or wheel chair seats. Put them by your bed so you have something soft to put your feet on in the morning. I even had someone buy one to make dusters and a floor duster for polishing hard wood floors. I also used one as a bed for my 16 year old dog. She loved it! Prices vary per hide. Some are bigger than others and ones with holes from the butcher are priced lower. Message us with what you are looking for and we can match one with your needs.

1 review for Sheep Skins

  1. Maureen B

    I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful sheepskin. Miss DD and Maize are in dog heaven and it makes me warm to think how lovingly you raised the animal, tanned the hide and it is the softest, most naturally beautiful and comforting bit of fur. thank you, thank you, thank you. Merry Christmas from this happy recovery house! M

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