Whole Pastured Chicken


Salad Bar Chicken 4.50 per lb.



It is s a system where chickens are raised in bottomless pens directly on pasture.  This allows the birds to receive a significant amount of natural vegetation (and bugs) as part of their diet.  The birds are moved to a new section of pasture twice daily, which ensures that they always have a fresh selection of forage – an “all you can eat” salad-bar for chickens. The chickens are raised on fresh pasture and fed our own mix of feed without growth enhancers or antibiotics of any kind. The pens are moved to a new spot twice daily. This also allows the birds to be raised in a cleaner, healthier environment creating a healthier chicken.

We process the birds on farm using low-stress methods. Processing  on farm allowing us to have absolute control over the entire process from day one to bagged for your refrigerator or freezer.

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6.50 per lb.


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